Businesses that foster an environment of financial success for employees increase employee morale, tenure, and productivity. Let MoneyWise help you harness your employees' true potential!

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Benefits for Businesses

A Happier Employee is a much more Productive Employee!

Business Partner Testimonials:

Need more evidence MoneyWise can make a difference for your business? Here is what some of our satisfied business partners are saying!

"We are always being told we get what we pay for in life. Moneywise is one of the few things that delivers what it promises! It has helped our employees to have hope and to move forward in a focused direction! Our goal is to help our employees capitalize on the opportunities ahead… with Moneywise as our partner our employee’s futures are bright!"

- Terra Thueson, Office Manager, Alligator Pediatric Dentistry

"We constantly wonder what our advertising dollars are going to produce. Moneywise has connected us to local businesses that have improved our practice, and it has also given our employees some solid financial footing! I think our employees are happier and less stressed, which helps them to be even more positive and productive!"

- Jamie Woodhouse, Office Manager, Idaho Falls Pediatrics

"It is extremely difficult to have employees who are engaged and effective if they are continually stressed out about their personal finances. BBSI’s vision is to help its business owners to maximize their return on human capital, and ultimately create a thriving culture in their organization. Moneywise provides businesses with the additional tools and resources necessary to achieve this objective. It is great to be an Endorsed Business Partner and to have access to everything Moneywise has to offer!"

- Jeremy Hix, Area Manager, BBSI

"Moneywise is simple, easy to use, and extremely powerful! As we continue to support our employees, I am confident this can change their lives! Better employee attitudes will help us to provide better customer service, and to build stronger longer lasting relationships with our patients and the community!"

- Jodi Harker, Office Manager, McCord Orthodontics

"Where can you get this type of return on your advertising dollar? This is an incredible value for our business, and we believe our employees have an even greater opportunity! We are thankful we took 20 minutes to see what this was all about. Thanks Moneywise!"

- Jan Merrell, Office Manager/Owner, The EyeCare Center

"Moneywise has made a dramatic impact on our business by connecting us to a vast network of businesses and business owners! Where can our employees get these financial tools, a financial education center, access to a financial guide’s, and monthly financial reminders all for only $3.99 a month. It’s crazy! Thank you Moneywise!"

- James Allen, Dentist/Owner, Rockhouse Dental

"We recouped our investment in Moneywise in less than 60 days! If our employees make as much progress personally as we have made as a business, their future is bright! Grateful to be involved with Moneywise and all of their business partners!"

- Larry Tweedie, Branch Manager, Security National Mortgage Company

"We were nervous initially about joining Moneywise because we didn’t expect to get enough referrals to make it pay, but the financial help for our employees pushed us over the top! We are happy we joined because it only took a few weeks to recoup our investment! Our employees not only have the financial tools and resources they need, we have access to great businesses and even greater people!"

- Ben Page, Marketing Director, Page Insurance

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