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The information displayed on the debt elimination/budget report may not reflect 100% accuracy compared to final payoff amounts from your creditors based on the way your lending institution calculates interest, late fees, additional fees, etc. When paying off credit balances, always use final payoff amounts from your lender to ensure payoff is complete. Always make payments to creditors on time to avoid late fees and any other type of collection fees.

Moneywise LLC is not responsible for any late fees, bounced checks, or collection fees charged to you by any of your creditors. You are responsible for and must make the payments shown on your debt elimination/budget plan. Moneywise will outline your plan for you, and give you the strategies for your plan, but you must take the necessary actions outlined in your plan to make your plan successful.

Moneywise LLC may suggest Local Area Businesses to add benefits for our clients in areas that Moneywise LLC is not experienced. Such as, Insurances, Investments, Mortgages, Real Estate, Taxes, and Automotive Dealerships. These businesses are listed as a suggestion only, and any offers or fees they charge for their services will be between you and that business if you choose to do business with them. Moneywise LLC is not responsible for any fees, complaints, or litigation that may result from you using one of these businesses.

In many cases, Our suggested Local Area Businesses may provide additional tools and services that may enhance your debt elimination and budgeting process. Each one of these businesses have been interviewed and checked for criminal background activity. These Businesses understand our product and what we are trying to achieve for our clients, and have to follow strict guidelines to even be considered to be associated with Moneywise LLC.

Enrollment to use Moneywise LLC Budgeting and debt elimination software requires an activation fee of $99.00. Once the account is activated, there will be a monthly usage fee of $4.99 per month to use our monthly service. You may cancel at anytime by logging into your account and clicking on the cancellation button.

MoneyWise LLC offers a double your money back guarantee under the following conditions:

After using and following our guidelines in the payment schedule of your Moneywise plan for a minimum of two years, if you have not eliminated or paid down your debt balances and are not satisfied with your results, we will issue a refund of double the amount of the activation fee you paid when you enrolled in our system. However the monthly service fee will not be refunded.

Once your account has been cancelled, your profile, including any information you entered with respect to your debt profile, will be deleted. You may return at anytime and activate a new account, however, you will have to enroll again and pay the enrollment fee to activate your new account.

Once enrolled in our system, your monthly usage fee will never change, you will always pay the monthly usage fee of whatever it was when you enrolled. Therefore, if you cancel your service, then enroll again at a later date, your monthly usage fee and your enrollment fee may have changed.

We reserve the right and at any time to change our prices and fees.

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